The Boutmy scholarship is an excellence scholarship, awarded to the best students according to recruitment priorities and in accordance with the profile sought for each of the programs.

Students, newcomers, who are not nationals of the European Economic Area and who come from a non-European tax center, are admitted to a diploma program at the University College or in a Master.

Boutmy grants cannot be combined with another grant (Eiffel, AEFE, BGF, etc.), unless the jury decides otherwise.

These scholarships are awarded on the basis of excellence criteria and in accordance with the profile sought for the program. Social criteria are also taken into account.

The awarding of these scholarships is not automatic, it must be requested in the part of the application file provided for this purpose.

  • Country of student grant: France
  • Scholarship Organization: Sciences Po
  • Scholarship Name: Boutmy Sciences Po Scholarship
  • Year: 2020-2021
  • Level: Undergraduate, Master, Doctorate
  • Eligible course of study: Sciences Po, Law, Economics, Management
  • Target Countries: Africans, Europeans, Maghrebians, Everyone.
  • Target candidates: For all international students.
  • Grant amount: € 12,300
  • Deadline to Apply: February 15, 2019

How to Apply?

To apply, you must send an email to the Admissions Department before the deadline for the Émile Boutmy scholarship, by  filling out the contact form . Your message must contain the following information and have the subject line “Application for an Émile Boutmy scholarship candidate in postponement and conditional language”:

  1. Please indicate the country for your tax household 1.
  2. Please indicate the country for your tax household 2 (optional).
  3. Overall annual amount of income (in euros) for year N-2.
  4. Number of dependent children in the household (including you)?
  5. Do your brothers and sisters follow higher education?

Please also attach the following documents:

  • your CV,
  • for conditional admitted linguistic proof (s), to be imperatively provided  before the deadline for applying for the scholarship

We reserve the right to ask you to attach  proof of income and documents explaining your family situation  (for example: tax advice from both parents, salary slip, divorce decree from parents, proof of pension, retirement, death notice, etc.). ).

Please note:  Applicants who have already been refused the Émile Boutmy scholarship cannot apply again.

We draw your attention to the fact that only complete files will be taken into account.  No scholarship application will be accepted after the deadline.

You will find information on applying to the University College and Master by consulting the following links:

Please apply via the link below:

Boutmy Sciences Po Scholarship

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