Fancy studying in many tech-related fields? Now is your a chance to nab $35,000 in the process if you are interested in any of the following fields, including Public Relations, Web Design & Development, Transportation/Logistics, Public Administration, Law & Legal Studies, Engineering, Computer & Information Systems and Business/Management. Yes, all of these seem exciting and you will have a brilliant opportunity to actually enrol in those and do your best! Make sure that nothing stands between you and success. We will help you with as much as we can to ensure that you will secure your $35,000 in grant money. However, as with everything else, there’s something that you will need to secure.

The criteria can turn out to be rather demanding, but we are sure that as long as you are committed to your field of study, you will find them quite easy to deliver indeed. Here they are:

  • You need to have a GPA of 3.25 and 4;
  • You have to be fluent in English and have the necessary certificate to prove this
  • You will have to send documents that are translated both in Thai and in English
  • You will have to have a high school diploma from a G12 high school

You will be applying or the Walailak University International College and the scholarship is a full tuition waiver scholarship for as long as you are enrolling for a full-time application. This year’s deadline is set for July 12, but this may be subject to a change next year. Overall, you should know that there are 100 positions opened this year, giving you pretty good chances to enrol.

If you are interested in alternative modes of study, online associate degrees may provide you with sufficient opportunities. You will quickly realise that there are great ways for you to be actively improving and brushing up on what you know. The online associate degrees will certainly be a great way to do this. With online associate degrees you will almost certainly try to finish your education.

A distance learning program will do wonders for you. If you are keen on advancing your area of expertise the distance learning program will be one brilliant way for you to do so.

Lastly, we have the associate degrees online and those are just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Anywho, do consider associate degrees online.

$35,000 for You in Scholarship

NAME, $35,000 in ready money coming your way if you…

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283 thoughts on “Full Tuition Waiver Scholarships for Undergrads

  1. Iam hereby requesting for the forementioned scholarship ,South Sudanese by nationality.Please help me to get that scholarship.Iam a refugee in Uganda with the financial problem in order to pursue my studies
    I will be grateful to hear from you.

  2. I am submitting this application for the scholarship to further my education in architecture studies. I have studied for three years in Technical University of Mombosa and require financial assistance to complete my degree in Architecture

  3. I\’m a Nigerian by nationality.
    Finished my display in Nursing here in Nigeria. I wish to earn this scholarship in order to proceed my education in a more technological sophisticated country to help better my professional idea and capacity.

  4. I am Moses from Liberia, wishing to pursue higher education but lack the support. I am interested in studying Agronomy from any university around the world. I hope that this site will help me meet my goal.

  5. am crescent from Uganda and my dream is to study animal health from any university. I hope that this site will enable me to achieve my goal thanks

  6. I will be highly appreciated if I will be put on the.because it the only chance I have in order to improve my financially unstable thank you.

  7. I will be looking forward to seeing the time when my is going to change for better and that shall happen if only am granted with in opportunity to study with you through a scholarship because I\’m financially unstable thank you.

  8. I am a Zambian by nationality aged 22years completed grade twelve in 2016 and awarded with a full grade twelve school certificate I have always been dreaming bigger in life but due to financial difficulties my dreams couldn\’t come true now seeing the opportunity like this one am really touched I wanted to do any health related courses anywhere around the world thank you I will be highly appreciated if my letter shall be put into consideration.

  9. Thanks for all!!! hey u beloved this scholarship board members. Thanks again for ur guidance! what shall I do to get this scholarship please tell me a way with My e-mail adress ( or +251912347524.

  10. please am a Nigerian who seek to study at your school on scholarship….. how do I get the application to fill… also if the scholarship is awarded how will the applicants know… also if an applicant is chosen… will the school sponsor the applicants with visa procurement and transport fare to your country??? Thanks.. am expecting your reply in English… THANKS once again

  11. Am JULIUS BAGONZA with a diploma in accounting and i would like to study further (bachelors) but am facing financial challenges.
    For this i request you to get me a scholarship.


  12. Hi am Ugandan in need of scholarship assistance,currently doing undergraduate bachelors of commerce in maker ere university Uganda. have applied for dead year due to financial constraints.waiting to hear ur response.

  13. I really appreciate all these info. Please I really need a full tuition scholarship for an undergraduate program. I will be incredibly grateful if u can help me out. Thanks.

  14. I would like to be funded to continue my studies and achieve my goal to become someone better in future . I really need your help which you being to many people around .I wish I could be one to get this opportunity and may God bless you.

  15. I wud like to get a scholarship for my undergraduate degree. I will be very greatfulnif you will help me fulfil my dream of doing a degree in public health

  16. I am Zia Sajjad from Pakistan, wishing to pursue higher education but lack the support. I am interested in studying Masters in engineering from any university around the world. I hope that this site will help me meet my goal.

  17. My name is mukur kfle from Ethiopia and I have Bsc degree in mechanical engineering from mekelle university which is one of the famous Ethiopia institute technology

  18. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am a Mozambican by nationality aged 37years completed grade twelve, I work as IT with 15 years of experience, I have always been dreaming bigger in life but due to financial difficulties my dreams couldn’t come true, now seeing the opportunity I have been looking for, I would like to have a financial AID to do Microsoft Courses, MCSE or MCITP anywhere around the world, thank you in advance for your attention and consideration
    Edmundo Reginaldo

  19. my name is Abu Bakarr Jalloh from Sierra Leone, am doing my bachelor degree in logistics and procurement management second year.And I want to further my studies but my parent are not financial strong. please I need your support.

  20. Hullo Admin.
    I hold a degree in Economics and administration and would to advance to masters in BBM or public relations. .
    How can I apply .Am very much interested. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks

  21. My name is innocent Murisa.
    Am from Uganda . I would like to advance my studies but I have financial difficulties. Am 28years of age with adegree in Economics from Uganda. Have been dreaming to have studies over seas. Please I need your support. Thanks alot

  22. i am Gilbert Ninteretse from Burundi. i am more than interested to attend masters program
    i am former Burundi university student and i hold bachelor degree in department of english literature.
    i passed competition exam for masters program organised by burundi university in intercultural communication and traduction unfortunately my dream was not achieved because this program didn,t start despite i am broke for paying that program. kindly give me that scholarship and assist me

  23. Dear sir/madam,
    It is really a great opportunity how i pray that i merit the scholarship. i have got all the above requirements except of the certificate being translated in Thai, can i be in position to merit it without that, how do i apply for it. THANK YOU

  24. l have to get bachelor\’s in health records and information management system .your scholars are the ones to enable me soar high to the extent

  25. Hi i am a cameroonian and a graduating student of linguistics from the University of Bamenda and i wish to further my studies but dont have the means to. So am applying for this scholarship

  26. Hello there
    Iam a Zambian citizen and holding a bachelor degree in medicine, I would like to pursue my studies and get a master degree in infectious diseases, then later the PhD in the same field.
    Looking forward to get a scholarship

  27. I like to be a participant in one of your Leadership seminar, How can I? I have several limitations such as fear in communicating my views verbally, lack of effective leadership ability and so on.

  28. I really need these,for you kindness in order to pursue my studies in business administration phone number 0701020481

  29. I am currently undertaking Bachelor in Leadership and Management at an Education Institute in Papua New Guinea and will complete my studies next year. However, I am very much interested in taking up Masters in Leadership and Management overseas when I complete this undergraduate program in 2020

  30. Hello sir I would be delighted if you will help me with full tuition fee scholarship. I want to study llb honors. Only you are the one who can help me. It will be a great step by you towards my future. Thanks

  31. Hello,i\’m Rwandan,i have studied in university of Rwanda college of science and technology.i want to get scolaship because of financial support.please help me inorder to study masters in engineering.thank you!

  32. Help me get a scholarship to study international relations in the university this is my number +2348142694226,please help admission in my country is really frustrating

  33. Hi, I have completed grade 12 college with a good certificate. I have been admitted in a university but due to financial problems, I could not pay my admission fees. Please I need financial aid(Scholarship) to support my tertiary education.

  34. hi I have a diploma in community development I need scholarship to undertake an undergraduate in international development.

  35. hi am a Zambian ,am interested in clinical officer or biomedical science i will be great full if u accepted am request thank you in advance

  36. Hello
    Am Margret Banda from Malawi
    It has been my dream to study abroad
    And I will be happy if my dream can come true through the scholarship you are offering am really interested to be part of the team who can be successful
    Thank you

  37. hello,
    am Ganizani Z Tembo. a computer science student at chancellor college malawi, am having almost six month at home due to lack of school fees. so i would like to have scholarship hence continuing with my education.
    Thank you.

  38. hello
    am luyenu chikanga from Zambia ,it has been my dream to do pharmacy,and with these programs of scholarships I hope that I can be part of those lucky ones who get to be picked so that I can reach my dreams,thanks alot in advance

  39. Hello dear sir…. I\’m looking for a free scholarship and I don\’t have any budget to pay. I hope have chance to take the free scholarship .thanks

  40. Thank you very much for the update, I am most greatful. I am truly interested in the scholarship and looking forward to be a part of your institution. Thanks

  41. Thank you very much for the update, I am most greatful. I am truly interested in the scholarship and I am looking forward to be a part of your institution. Thanks

  42. Im in my final semester doing BAA in philosophy and chinese….i need help financially and this scholarship could change my life forever..Help!!

  43. I and my family will be so grateful if this scholarship is been given to me. Please consider me bless you in Jesus name amen. Thanks!

  44. I and My Mom will be Grateful
    If I get This Scholarship, Because it will help me alot to fulfill My Dream Thanks God Blessed You..

  45. hi am kelvin from Nairobi ,Kenya I have a diploma in Business Information Technology and i would like to get a scholarship to undertake an undergraduate Degree in the same course to further my studies.

  46. Dear sir/ madam,
    I am very much looking for undergraduate scholarship because only with scholarship I will be able to further my education ,

  47. Dear sir
    I am from Bangladesh.. I have completed recently H.S.C. now I looking for a scholarship.. Because of my poorness. Plz sir I need this chance.. This can make my better future

  48. Nice to have such opportunity to continue my study for further more up to university abroad. I am Eritrean nationality from sudan. I want to study computer science any where around the world could you help me to join there. Thanks more.

  49. my first year at university doing business administration. it does my heart good to study this program, but the future is uncertain because of financial problems.please help,if there is any to come in..

  50. Hello guys am really very interested to join your program am south Sudanese by nationality I have completed my diploma from Upper Nile University of South Sudan in the faculty of human development department of accounting and finance with the grade excellent CGPA ( 3.67) as said before this my grade please I want to continue my studies if you can help me please

  51. Am simbiat by name. Am an undergraduate studying business admin… My parent are financially handicap… I need this scholarship sir and would be glad if my request is accepted.

  52. انا مهندس مدني من اليمن انا اطلب الوع من هاذة المتحدة لاستكمال الدراسة العليا ماجستير ودكتوراة.

  53. I am a civil engineer who wants the type of scholarship until I completed my studies

  54. I\’m from Papua New Guinea. I completed yr.12. at national high school. Scored 5 A\’s in subjects studied. Total GPA of 4. I need a scholarship to study bachelor\’s in business administration. Thank you

  55. Hi mam/sir
    I\’m a student i graduated from the high school with 65%
    And with determination I want this grant because this will be the turning point in my life, what does it take to get it

  56. Hi,i m so interested by a scholarship for bachelor program in the science of nature or agronomic science now i beg you give the possibility the realise my dream because it is always my dream to go in a best country of learning in world please give me .my phone6 : +50948868661

  57. Hello Dear am really very interested to join your program am Ethiopian by nationality I have completed my Degree from Hawassa University in the faculty of agriculture with the grade CGPA ( 3.12)

  58. Je suis bien un étudiant en master en Économétrie Appliquée à la faculté des sciences économiques, je suis vraiment intéressé par votre bourse d\’étude et j\’aimerais bien obtenir cette bourse.

  59. My field is English Literature, i had M.A degree.. I am looking for a scholarship for performing my Phd degree.. Waiting..!

  60. God bless u. I\’ m a student studying environmental science as major, and i need a scholarship to help me fulfill my dream. Thanks!

  61. Hi, my names are Nkoma Yohane from zambia, i completed my high school and am looking for a scholarship or anyone who can help me to study at any university around the world. Thank you!

  62. I think I have all requirements for a scholarship here as prescribed. I would be grateful if my learning process is brought alive again.

  63. Hi, my name is George Lewis I have all requirement you are requesting for, but I am looking for sponsor from any countries around the world to complete my educational goals please contact me on my telephone number +231881738388

  64. Thank you so much for the update!
    Iam very excited about my chance and ready for the trip to USA.
    God bless you all!

  65. Hello, am korir Bismark from Kenya and I want to study nursing in one of your institutions but am financially unstable. Please consider me so as to get this scholarship to further my studies. Thanks in advance
    (my phone number 0729947994)

  66. hello i would like to study engineering as it has always been my passion since childhood please help me secure this scholarship

  67. Am nakand yudaya from Uganda am requesting for a full founded scholarship in masters of art and industrial design .by now am completing my final year at kyambogo university in Uganda

  68. I am Christian Chisha aged 20years old a Zambian national. Am requesting for a fully funded scholarship in Business management for undergraduate.

  69. I want to apply for this scholarship. my name is Tsirha Tsegaye 19 years old an Ethiopian nationality. i am 2nd years of student of accounting in Addis Ababa University. I hope i received a positive replay. Thank you

  70. Hi am Joshua Atuhaire Ugandan l would like to study a degree in nursing l do appreciate for the kind giving heart and platform given to us God bless you.

  71. Hi am Sharon I am in my last year at highschool. I would be finishing this year. Please, I need a full scholarship for students in visual art. Thank you

  72. I and my families would be so great full if my dream comes true through your scholarship program.Thanks you

  73. Hello! I am a Cameroonian and I aspire to become a civil engineer. My community is in need of a drainage system but it\’s like nobody cares and day by day in the rainy season, life and property are lost in the rain.
    I am in dire need of this scholarship because without it, I cannot go to college. Please help me to help the world.


  74. i want a full time course with full sponsor im from a develping country Botswana in southern Africa. i only did my Diploma self sponsored so i dont have finances to proceed to do Degree. i dont mind doing it right here in Botswana, as long as its a fully sponsored course. Thank you

  75. I really want to further my education but am facing financial setback please I need a scholarship as soon as possible I want to get in nursing

  76. Hi am
    Rmandan l
    would like to study a
    degree in nursing l do
    appreciate for the
    kind giving heart and
    platform given to us. I would like to get full scholarship to study a degree in nursing
    God bless you

  77. Dear sir/madam
    It will be an honor to study under your scholarship, I just completed my high school level with good results but I am lacking financial support I would be the Happiest man to have one of your scholarship with that at least when am done studying my dream career I can support my family to have a better life.
    thank you for your time and consideration
    Frank Nkonde from Zambia

  78. My name is Memory Mukungu i really want a scholarship to go to varsity.I am a Zimbabwean nw in Upper 6 Sciences class doing MPG

  79. Hello, I\’m from Swaziland I have passed well and recognized in my country on 2018 I\’m looking forward to study at your school the problem is that I\’m less privileged I\’m in need of a scholarship please help.

  80. please give this opportunity to have a degree at you school. I have finished high school since 2011/2012 I was never opportuntinue attend college, but of the tusion

  81. I have much interest in the scholarships but am kind of ignorant about their aims purposes I really need guidance and more information on this

  82. Hi iam a Kenyan citizen from marginalized community with financial problems and have much interest in studying Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degrees.Please help me with this scholarship to achieve my dreams and help my family and community at large.

  83. I am Izuogu Chiamaka Goodluuck and a student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Education . I am so much interested in this scholarship because I have finicial constraint which if not careful may push me out of school . Am a 200level student soliciting for support. I will be grateful if granted thanks

  84. My name is Evernice Mabuto, i\’m currently looking for a scholarship to study for a diploma in Nursing. I would be honoured to be one of the beneficiaries of this offer.
    Your help will be greatly appreciated and i promise to make your organisation proud.

  85. Hi !
    I\’am a Moroccan Girl my name is Dalila Majid im 23 years old ,and i really would like to join you.
    Your help will be greatly appreciated and am looking forward to hearing back from you!
    Best wishes.

  86. My name is Bobgah Terrence.I am a Cameroonian by nationality and am 19years old and in secondary school final year.This scholarship grant will be benificial to me and my local community as I intend to implement the acquire knowledge to my community.As I am interested in the field of lab technician to save lives and homes this is only possible through your grant.

  87. Hello,
    I\’m Titus S. N. Lebbie from Liberia. A High School Graduate and i\’m in search of a full sponsor scholarship that will enhance me to read Geology at undergraduate level.
    I strongly hope that this website will be of the help to me.

  88. I am from Malawi and currently i have an honors degree in the field of engineering. i specialized renewable energy. i am willing to further my studies in this field and am hoping you could help with a scholarship.

  89. Hey,my name is Siannah Togbah from Liberia I really want to study public health at any university at your site but don\’t have money.
    I\’m interested in student loan/grant

  90. Hey my name is Siannah Togbah from Liberia I really want to study public health at any university of your site but don\’t have money.
    Study loan/grant

  91. my name is Simbarashe Mapadzeni.l would like to study business science-accounting but do not have money to. l reat looking towards your programs

  92. Good day, i am reynaldo labine from Philippines. I did my bachelor of elementary education and professional license teacher with all my effort which i am alone with my family. Now im still working as partimer which i want to pursue my dream to become a lawyer due of my different experiences being farmer. I am really looking any full funded scholarship to pursue my dream. My purpose is to help prople to voice out theit thoughts and rigths as what i been experience in my environment. Earning much is not my priority but to render an equal service to every one who were suffered from voiceless and rigthless . Please help me. I am really interested about it. Thank you

  93. I would apreciate if you would kindly grant me a schorship…..I\’m currently on my degree course at the African University of Nazarene Nairobi.

  94. My name is Dinberu Teshome from Ethiopia. my BA Degree was Sociology and social Anthropology.currently i learn MA Program in Social Anthropology .please help me i would apreciate if you would kindly grant me a scholarship.

  95. hi im yonas i have bsc degree in computer enginerrimg so please accept my country economic and education quqlity poor so to continue ms in yor contry by computer science………………yonas from ethiopia tnxs for this chance!!!!

  96. hi i yonas from ethiopia i want to get scholarship lack of financial and shortage of education so i want your supports to continue msc computer program……..thnaks so much!!!!

  97. I will be writing my final exams this year in November,I need a scholarship to further my studies after I pass. I will be very grateful to be granted the opportunity to study abroad. Thank you

  98. I would be much grateful if you could grant me the above mentioned scholarship to fulfill my academic dream. I will deem it a great previledge .Thanks.

  99. I would be lucky to have a scholarship like this because it can help me in pursuing my dreams. Please help me, I badly need this.

  100. I am a south Sudanese refugee living in Kenya. I have just finished my high school with a mean grade A-.The government of kenya only pay fees for citizens, this mean that I can\’t continue with my studies since there is no one to pay for my university fees. How can I secure this scholarship?I really want to continue with my studies.I wish to hear from you sooner.

  101. my name is sweetbert from tanzania neighborhood and kenya. I am a young person who completed an early education and obtained a certificate. because of the difficult living conditions I have not succeeded in continuing my studies, but through this announcement I hope I will get this opportunity and use it properly. i really want to study ,THANK YOU

  102. Hello
    I would like to apply for a scholarship to continue my studies after the bac.
    Thank you to reply

  103. I am a Helina Gebeyehu Zemenay, Ethiopian nationality aged 20 years completed grade twelve in 2018 and awarded with a full grade twelve school certificate I have always been dreaming bigger in life but due to financial difficulties my dreams couldn\\’t come true now seeing the opportunity like this one am really touched I wanted to do any health related courses anywhere around the world thank you I will be highly appreciated if my letter shall be put into consideration.

  104. My name is Emmanuel Izuchukwu and I\’m really optimistic that this opportunity will be to my favour. Because I have always hoped for an opportunity that will enable me get the best of education in my choice of study which is Medicine. I also appreciate the availability of this avenue provided to help students get the best in education.

  105. For sure I had been indeed in need of help from anyone who could but non I just wish I could be one of those who can be given that opportunity please , thank u

  106. My name is Abel Allo I am from Nigeria I love education so much because I know with education I can change my life around an the society were I stay ,I have my first degree in veterinary medicine I will be very happy if I can get this opportunity to enroll for my master in avian physiology in my small community every one is into poultry an a lot of farmers have been discourage I want to use my education to better the life of poultry Farmers in Africa thank you

  107. Am south Sudanese undergraduate looking for a scholarship.
    It could be great if you near with me to achieve my goals in life.

  108. I need this scholarship to study my bachelor degree in my interesting faculty of geology and mining.

  109. I\’m a Burundian refugee in Kenya and therefore I\’m hereby seek for help…. I would like to access the above mentioned scholarship due to lack of funds since I don\’t have parents for supporting me ….im waiting for your response thank you…..

  110. I am Richard Alfred Chisale from Malawi needs a full scholarship to pursue the degree in International Relations

  111. I sincerely request the scholarship . I have no financial assistance to persue my studies. I have a full capacity to complete my studies . I will be so grateful to receive this scholarship

  112. I would like to be funded to continue my studies and achieve my goal to become someone better in future . I really need your help which you being to many people around .I wish I could be one to get this opportunity and may God bless you.I want to study accounting

  113. I really need a scholarship to help me further my studies. I will be in a better position to sponsor my family when am given the scholarship. Please I need the scholarship.

  114. I really need a scholarship to help me further my studies. I will be in a better position to sponsor my family when am given the scholarship. Please I need the scholarship to study business administration.

  115. I really need a scholarship to help me further my studies. I will be in a better position to sponsor my family when am given the scholarship. Please I need the scholarship to study bachelor in business administration.

  116. ii am tadesse adgo from ETHIOPIA and also have BA degree in ECONOMICS , I would like to be funded to continue my studies ( MASTER) and achieve my goal to become someone better in future . I really need your help which you being to many people around .I wish I could be one to get this opportunity and may God bless you. MY phone

  117. Hallo! I\’m Chançard Mbaki Loela and I\’m majoring in English language in my French speaking country( Democratic Republic of Congo) in Africa and I\’m so happy to reach you because I need to get a foreign scholarship from you, but I\’m financially sick due to my family, I need your help.Thanks!

  118. Please Am Nicholas Baidoo from Ghana. Am a science student, things have been really tough for me and my family as a whole. I have tried ways and means just to let ends meet but to no avail. Please I want you to offer me a scholarship so I can continue my education. Looking forward for positive response. Thank you.
    Number: +233541026478

  119. Hae, my name is Caleb Ouma Otieno from Kenya. I am looking for scholarship to continue with my Barchelors Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I hope you will assist me. Thanks

  120. I\’m Likius Hailaula a Namibian citizen. I need a scholarship to study medicine, specifically to become a Medical Doctor.

  121. Hello Sir.
    My name is Joe s. Konway and I am a college drop out, I am kindly asking you to please grant me with a scholarship for me to complete my study.

  122. I do not understand apply for scholarship. I what do for this I need scholarship for further studdy I passed class 12th.My Financial condition is very bad.please help me

  123. I don\’t understand how to apply for scholoarship.
    Because ma finanial confitaion is very bad.i need scholoarship for continue further study.
    I am graduate now want to doing M phil in molecular biology

  124. I in need of a full scholarship if you would please assist me, I am an undergraduate who has a goal of making the world a better place but I needed to study with practicals.
    I hope to receive a great opportunity from you.

  125. Hi Sir.
    I am Augustus Tutu from Ghana. I am an international student from Ghana with an immersed interest to earn a degree in Pharmacy at abroad. I am about to apply for my academic interest in few days to come. But I am faced with a financial challenges thereby declining my interest. I desire you to kindly assist me on how to apply and win a scholarship scheme to enable me realize my full academic goals. I desire to apply & study at Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus come this fall academic year 2019/20.
    Thanks in advance!

  126. Dear sir,
    I am kaddy ceesay a Gambian national. I am a final year student at the Gambian college school of education pursuing advance diploma education secondary .I am writing in application for scholarship to assist me study the Art and culture program at recas university Russia. I have already applied for admission and my application is accepted,but due to my financial challenges am not able to pay the fee to get the official acceptance latter. This scholarship will represent me an opportunity to fully focus my attention on the main objective of achieving the best I can in the arts and culture program. I will be incredibly to happy to have this scholarship. I thank you for taking the time to evaluate this application.

  127. Please am Abdul Aziz Yakub from Ghana but please I lost my parents when I was in basic school and due to that I had no parents support but managed to complete senior high school with a general Science as a course and pls I want to further my education but am with no support so please I need your fully help thank you

  128. I need a scholarship to study medicine. I completed ma high school 9yrs ago but I have never money to continue my studies

  129. My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry, worked for 15 years , supervisor for people leadership and management in Business, people performance officer. Graduated in Diploma leadership and management/Business studies in Australia at Regency Tafe. postgraduate certificate in leadership and management in Queensland Tafe, January 2019.
    wish to receive a full Scholaship to do postgraduate studies , people leadership and management for change in EU Business school but no money to further study., travel and for student visa.

    Please I need your help to make me reach my dreams.

    thank you very much.

  130. My name is Ebrima Saidykhan , worked for 4 years , at department of information service has their internet cafe operator for people learning and management in Business, to operate people performance in officer. Graduated in Diploma in IT computer system certificate
    wish to receive a full Scholarship to do postgraduate studies
    Please I need your help to make me reach my dreams.
    thank you very much.

  131. am so grateful for your offer and am looking forward for your scholarship am in need of making my dreams a reality thank you

  132. Exciting news! I\’m interested and I wish to be accepted as a full tuition waiver scholarship student in TRANSPORT /LOGISTICS. I am a Liberian.

  133. Thanks for information . I have transcript for diploma in business and leadership and management in Australia, speak English fluently and graduate in postgraduate certificate iv in leadership and management Australia in January 2019.

    Am I eligible for this Scholaship. Please update me or else I would be very much interested to receive this Scholaship.


  134. my name is alex ephraim mwansasu and ask for money to study masters computr science but I graduated from the daresalaam univers college of education in mathematics and informaticis studies

  135. am Rwandan with high school diploma and i dreamt to finish My lessons with high degree and i may acheive it By this chance you gave us , so if its possible i may gain IT please.

  136. I am Erick Shoup from Uganda and am really so willing to have a scholarship to study engineering course in degree level. thanks if a positive response is rendered

  137. iam phiroj husain from Nepal and iam requesting for sholarship for my further study . i belong from poor family and i have scored high marks in my college . for mine further study , i request for scholarship. i will be very thankful if i get scholarship to whom who has given…god help me.

  138. I\’m Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon Islands. want to further my studies from Diploma Business ,leadership and management to bachelors and postgraduate degrees.

    Please consider me for this Scholaship.

    Thank you.

  139. Thanks for offer. Please direct me of means to apply for this Scholaship to study Advance diploma to postgraduate diploma in Leadership and management abroad, bachelor of commerce in Brisbane, Australia.

    thank you very much.

  140. Please I\’m a Nigerian who desires to study medcine in abroad ,please how do I apply?I\’m really interested ,Is it the school that gives the scholarship? I\’m lookinng forward to get a reply ,thank you.

  141. ple i would like to apply for this scholarship as i want to further my studies towards a master i public management. thank you in advance.

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