The traditional university model simply doesn’t fit everybody. Some people have their duties and responsibilities outside the campus. The basic solution for them to overcome those difficulties might be an online college course. Many prospective students with full-time jobs, families and children have decided to enrol for the online college course. Your word doesn’t have to change just because you need to go to universities. The online college course can actually be more affordable than traditional on campus.

If you don’t like traditional courses considered an opportunity to sight up for online classes. The online classes could be as good as in person. Everything depends on the students. The best colleges offer you online courses with the same curriculum and identical quality of taking classes through the flexible online medium.

Speaking of the traditional on-campus education have to remind you of the other possibilities like online degree. Today students don’t have to attend classes in person picking the online degree you have all right to study from home or a library. If you have a self-motivation and you like technologies enrol for online degree and study with a pleasure.

Fancy enrolling in this scholarship and changing your life around? You must show interest in one of the following fields: Technology, Sociology, Science, Physics, Philosophy, Performing Arts, Nutrition, Medicine, Library and Information Science, Journalism, Health and Physical Education, Graphic Design, Geology, Geography, Fine Arts, Dance, Criminal & Forensic Science, Broadcasting, Public Relations, Hospitality, Computer Animation, Show Production, Recording Arts, Web Design & Development, Game Design & Development, Digital Arts & Design, Accounting, Applied Science, Chemistry, Political Science, Liberal Arts/Humanities, Languages/Linguistics, History, Economics, Culinary Arts, Creative Writing, Finance, Agriculture, Dental/Orthodontics, Film/Motion Picture, Travel/Tourism, Music, Nursing, Theology and Religious Studies, Construction Trades, Transportation/Logistics, Aviation, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Sustainable Development, Other, Public Administration, Psychology, Mathematics, Marketing, Law & Legal Studies, Health Professions, Fashion, ESL & English Language, English Literature, Engineering, Education, Cultural Studies, Computer & Information Systems, Communications, Business/Management, Biology/Life Sciences and Architecture & Design/

If you have a strong background in any of these subjects, then you are well-poised to be the future recipient of an excelelnt scholarship. You will be quite excited to find out that the $3000 Cupon Marathon Scholarship program has been helping promising pupils from around the world for years now. You can be among the people to benefit from this the most.

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296 thoughts on “$3000 CouponMarathon Scholarship Program

  1. Hello Sir\’
    I really need this scholarship to study abroad in Australia on Scholarshihp!
    Iam ready to traveling since I have avalid passport.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  2. Hello!sir,yes I do not mind this scholarship offer. If you can offer them to me for free,because I do not have support to be able to continue my studies.I graduated in 2018 from the D series. I you please,sent me the tickets and the billets aviation to have,I would come to study at home.God bless you.

  3. I was selected to do ICT at Malawi institute of management but due to some challenges of school payments I withdrew but I really want to continue I need assistance

  4. I want to study journalism on 100 percent scholarship because i don\’t have any money, i sill be grateful if you can help me with that,i really neet the scholarship please please i can travel to any country for my studies

  5. I will be honored to have schoolarship so that I can continue with my studies I drop out as a multimedia student due to unaffordable School fee I never loose hope that I will find help and continue

  6. I will be honored to have an education so that I can continue my studies as a digital student because of unaffordable tuition fees. I never lose hope of finding help and continuing

  7. Hi,thanks for updating me,and I really need a scholarship.
    I would ask if I can apply next year because it is when I will finish my secondary studies.Thanks for your reply.

  8. I need this scholarship bec i want to continue my studies.i want to study in medical college.
    Hope it is not fake.

  9. Hi, l would personally like to be Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and study business management as well. I have a diploma in Office Management. Would truly love to further my studies if the scholarship is available.

  10. Hello I am Sandra Otoo and I need a scholarship to study fashion and design but I can\’t afford the fees, I will be grateful if you can help me fulfil this dream of mine

  11. My name is Haimanot i,m graduate from Debremarkos University School of Medicine Department of nursing so please I need to study in nursing so. I would be grateful for your scholarship.

  12. My name is Daniel mulualem i,m graduate from
    Debre brehen University School of
    Engineering Department of Civil Engineering so please
    I need to study Msc in highway Engineering so. I would be
    grateful for your scholarship.

  13. I need this scholarship. I want to study in USA in the field of MA in ELT. Can any one help me how way i can get the scholarship.

  14. Nice to have this opportunity .could you help me study computer science abroad.nice to hear from you again.thanks more

  15. I have enrolled and accepted for my MBA with the University of the People in the USA,and lack funds to continue with the program.I had already started with one course Organizational Theory and Behaviour.Thank you in advance.

  16. Hi, Am Bill Jallah Gooding. Am A Resident Of Liberia. It Will Be A Pleasure If Am Granted The Opportunity To Study Telecommunication Engineering.

  17. I am Richard Asare with Mphil in natural resources mgt and would like to pursue a PhD program. I need financial assistance towards achieving this dream.

  18. I am Richard Asare from Ghana with Mphil in natural resources mgt and would like to pursue a PhD program. I need financial assistance towards achieving this dream.

  19. Plz consider me for ur scholarship allowing because I am coming from poor family plz sir consider me I want continue my btech study

  20. My name is Simon Hall and I will be very delighted if you please help me study abroad because I really need to accomplish my dreams.

  21. hello sir my name is isaac oku ihimbru from southwest region Cameroon it will be an honor for me to study financing n music at your university I will be very thankful for granting me the scholarship thank you for your consideration God bless you

  22. Hello Sir
    I have completed NCC Level 5 Diploma with Distinction Level and I would like to study Computer and science at your university with full scholarship
    Please inform me whether I am qualify your scolarship or not
    Thank You amd Have a good day

  23. Hi
    Am Geoff M NAREKINE from Papua New Guinea (PNG), a developing country. I hold first and second degree (online) in education from University of Goroka (UOG) in PNG and Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Australia respectively. With my background in education, I am interested to study Public Relations offered by one of your nominated universities . I believe in my abilities and potentials to take up studies at higher level. I will acknowledge your full scholarship to study abroad so that when I return, I will contribute meaningfully to the nation building.

    Anticipate to hear from you soon.

    Geoff Narekine

  24. Hello I Need Scholarship To Follow My Master In Science Especially Chemistry!Will I?I Look Forward To Hearing For You!!

  25. I am glad to find this scholarship and greatly have passion of study a degree in electrical engineering. if chance granted me ,I will be helped much to change my life and all thanks goes to the sponsors

  26. I would like study the scholarship but I don\\’t have money for payment.please help me to study.i want to study in accounting and finance

  27. To,


    Subject: Scholarship Note

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I am Prakriti Ghimire revising in Bachelor in Hotel Management in NATHM . I would like to ask you to kindly grant me a scholarship as I have very poor financial condition and my parents are not willing to pay for my further studies as I am a girl . I have been maintaining certainly good learned record with more than 3.04 in (+2) GPA since my schooling and I assure you that I will present likewise in my degree course furthermore.

    I desire to get into some paid work soon after the completion of my graduation to support my family. Kindly help me by sponsoring my studies . if you want any documents I can send you my documents after your require . Looking forward the respond from you.

    I’ll always remain grateful to you for your kindness..

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,


  28. thanks for this long awaited opportunity . I would like to continue with my master\’s degree in English Language in Finland.

  29. I would like to continue my studies in The Philippines, France,China or any other country. I just want to get the best study opportunity I can get from you guys. I hope you\’ll read my comment and consider it.

  30. Please I need any available scholarship to study law in any country that is good and safe. If the scholarship is up to 80% pls I need your feedback

  31. Hello
    I\’m from Ethiopia. I\’ve a degree in nursing and currently I\’m working in one of the private hospital in Ethiopia. I would like to continue my studies by upgrading to surgery or gynecology. I will appreciate it if you grant me this scholarship.
    Thank you

  32. Dear Sir/Madem

    It made happy knowing about scholarship from you. I have great public relations background, and I need scholarship in this field.

    Thanks in advanced
    Azizullah Anis

  33. I am Bro. Paye Keryeh from Liberia West Africa, I am a Science Student, studying Laboratory Technology, but I don\’t have any support. So I need your support please help me to achieve my goal of becoming a LABT. Technologies.

  34. Greetings,

    i am Burundian,i\’ve just got diploma of bachelor in Communication at Light University.I need to study,i beg you an opportunity to get scholarship fully funded.

    Best Regards

  35. Hey…I am really honored to fall among the chosen ones
    I desperately need scholarship for studying Psychology.I am a very ambitious and devoted girl from Lesotho(A very small country in Africa)

  36. Please assist me in becoming a woman who can also motivate other girls out there especially in Africa become good business women.

  37. Muje study krni Hai mere papa k pass money Nhi Hai plz help Muje padna Hai meri to study b Nhi complete Hoyi Aje plz help

  38. Respected sir,
    i am really keen to have this scholarship,because its my dream to study in abroad for higher education in order to receive quality base education, as I belong to very deprive province of Pakistan( Balochistan) where girls hardly get the opportunity of learning,so I want to be the first in my family to attend higher education in abroad with the mission of promoting girls education .

  39. am a passionate health worker who is need of your support in pursuing a Bachelor\’s Degree in Palliative Care to help people suffering from life limiting conditions like cancers and HIV/AIDS by through early detection and giving them holistic type of care. I come from Uganda in Africa and I already have an admission from Makerere University in first year but I have challenges with tuition and I would request for any kind of support from you. may God bless you.

  40. أنا احتاج المنحه لاابدا الدارسه في الجامعه في قسم الهندسه

  41. Please can you provide me with that scholarship for studying, I will do with my out most best to do the best by this scholarship.

  42. i have a degree in soil resource and watershed managmet but i wants to lean my second degree in managment or accounting please help me

  43. Please I have passion for interior decoration and event planing, I will appreciate it if I can get a scholarship to do my study.

  44. My Name is David M Rumwaropen, I Come from Biak Island Papua East Indonesia, I need a scholarship support to pursue my Master Degree on Web Design and Development program to Developing technology Web for my Organisation, Students, and Public service in my countries Papua.
    Thank you for that,
    the Best Regards of me

  45. Hi, Am Mercy kibinda Louis. Am A Resident Of Malawi. It Will Be A Pleasure If Am Granted The Opportunity To Study Busness management and project administration

  46. Sir I wish to study electrical engineering in South Korea. I will be pleased if you admit me in your institution

  47. hello I would be honoured to have a scholarship, I have a diploma in computer science I drop out due to financial problems but I would like to continue with a degree please consider me.

  48. helo am Daniel from Uganda requesting for a scholarship in any university. ihave just finished hsc and iwant to do information technology… God bless you

  49. I want to study about world History.I am a student of department of Histiry,University of Dhaka.So I need a full free scholarship. Please inform me.thanks in advance.

  50. i need to schlorship plz bring me chance to study in abroad master or speacial in physiotherapy from Pakistan as soon as posible

  51. Hi Admin ,
    my name is Kingsley and I would love to study architect in your school sir,
    but I noticed it wasn\’t listed among the above options,
    please Mr Admin Sir, is architect been offered in your school sir,

    thanks for this great opportunity sir,

  52. Sir ,I wish to study from arts side like fashion designing or architecture side .How can I get a scholarship ? Actually my dream is to study abroad and be a jewellery designer .please help me to achieve my dream sir

  53. am very interested about that scholarship program. may you considered me please. am high school graduate. I need to further my education. thanks

  54. Hi

    I am very interested in an online program scholarship. I am interested in studying sustainable development at a masters level as I have a first degree in Public Administration and political science.

    I pray I receive the scholarship.

  55. Hello;
    Am interested in full scholarship in the Harvard university in Computer science.
    Unfortunately i don\’t have a passport and currently undertaking a diploma in Information Technology for two and half years.
    Help me out, Thank you.

  56. dear sir /I interested in full scholarship and I have a passport ,
    it,s my dream to study in abroad
    at any university if l get , to study in Arabic or Islamic or shari,a or courses

  57. hie , I am interested in persuing a Masters Degree in Public Administration. kindly advise on how l can get an online Scholarship

  58. Bonsoir je vous prie de m\’accorder cette chance pour me financer les études en France pour l\’obtention du Master à Monpellier Le MasterII : Gestion agricole et territoire GAT

  59. Je vous prie de m\’accorder cette chance en fin de mettre d\’étudier en France MasterII Gestion agricole et territoires . C\’est pour aider les collectivités à promouvoir leur developpement

  60. Hi sir. My name is JOHN KORBOI MORRIS. I am a student of the University Of Liberia where I am currently reading Public Health with emphasis in Environmental Science. Sir. l want to further my studies in these courses and others related fields in an abroad study using your program to archive these opportunities thank you.

  61. olso me need this scholarship due to get more knowledge based on accounting and finance!! so tell me how can offer??

  62. I am from rural Papua New Guinea (PNG). I have completed my high school certificate in 2016 and upgraded this high school certificate in 2017. I come from a very poor family who are unable to pay my tertiary educational expenses. I\’ve been searching for any kind hearted financial help from anyone over this years. Please assist me with this scholarship to study \’ Political Science\’ online. Hope that i will have a chance to receive your positive reply.
    Thank you and may God bless you.

  63. Hi I\’m very interested in perusing business at this institution. Looking forward to being picked as a possible candidate for the scholarship

  64. Dear, Sir/Madam i have completed certificate and upgraded with a diploma but i can\’t move any more but with your financial support or scholarship i hope it would be possible for me to pursue a Degree in psychology from any university
    May God bless as i placed my kind request to your office

  65. I am desperately in need of the scholarship and I would be very delighted if I could get it. I promise to get the best results and I promise you won\’t regret yourself for granting me this scholarship

  66. Good morning,
    i want to study nutrition food supliment at mbarara , and i wish to get well trained , i need your support. thank you,

  67. Hello, am from Kenya and would like study Civil engineering abroad with your support too. Am orphaned and financially unstable too.
    I would appreciate you consideration on my side too
    Thank you

  68. I need this scholarship to study at Canada and continue my education. I hope my request will be granted, so I will be Waiting for your response

  69. I heard good comments about this site . I need this scholarship please, because I can’t continue my education without any supporter. So help me please. Because I haven’t good condition to study in good ways.
    Thank you …!

  70. Dear,
    My name is Gladys from Uganda,i have a diploma in Accounting and would like to study Bachelors in Accounting,please i need your help and support.

  71. Dear sir/madam,
    I really need this scholarship to study abroad inorder to fulfil my dream of becoming a public health worker..I am from Liberia…
    I appreciate your generousity.
    May God bless you.

    Kind regards,

    Sylvanus Tumbey

  72. I need a scholarship for my bsc engineering in civil. Please sir give me a scholarship to continue my studies.i am waiting for your response.

  73. Yes,

    study in leadership and management/business management. abroad, Griffith University
    South Australia University.

    Please arrange scholarship.

  74. I am Abariga Abdul-Rashid,a citizen of Ghana . please i need this scholarship to be able to further my education in the engineering field

  75. I need scholarship to study Catering and Hotel. It shall be my must honor if I\’m be concerned thanks.

  76. I mankya I\’m from Pakistan I want go to film or performance s Art so if you get any info plz tell me …how it\’s work
    Have you join that??

  77. Good day,I am really in need of a scholarship to study theoretical physics abroad. I am a Nigerian and here we have no course like that for bachelors, and it is my ultimate dream to study it so I can come back and bring modern physics to Nigeria. Thank you

  78. Hi. Becoming a Medical Doctor, Surgeon precisely has been my biggest dream, which I\’ve still not been able to translate into reality. I\’ll be happy given this opportunity. Thank you

  79. Am seeking financial support to continue my studies in Public Health/Medicine/Psychiatry,
    Am a holder of an advanced diploma in Mental Health Nursing.but I haven\’t capacity to pay
    school fees or other means.I would be grateful and hard working if you could grant me this opportunity.

  80. I need a scholarship,for continuing my studies in Business/Management,but I haven\’t capacity
    for paying school fees. I will grateful if I am granted.

  81. I\’am Tiany CAMARA I am Guinea, I need a scholarship,for continuing my studies an Sustainable Development, but I haven\\’t capacity
    for paying school fees. I will grateful if I am granted.

  82. my name is Aman Kalid Aman. i am grade 11 natural science student. i need to study computer enginering software dept. and i think i can study here because there are no enough knowledged teacher. and please i will be greatful if you can get me this change to study what i want by best teacher.

  83. my name is Aman Kalid Aman. i am grade 11 natural science student. i need to study computer enginering software dept. and i think i can\’t study here because there are no enough knowledged teacher. and please i will be greatful if you can get me this change to study what i want by best teacher.

  84. I am Eunice Muriuki al be happy to be granted an opportunity to further my studies through a scholarship. Thankyou

  85. My name is farzana
    I can not under stand to get a scholarship.i need scholarship to complete master .now i am a student of bs4 in 4th smester

  86. Can i get a scholarship of aerospace engineering in united states of america?,greatfull will i be for positive response to my request.thank you

  87. I I\’m Esu iniabasi peace, A Nce student of federal college of education Akoka .would love to further more into nursing education because that\’s my dream and also wish to expand n do great things in the Field. would appreciate if I was considered and offered the scholarship… Thanks so much

  88. Hi .My name is Lally Awila Mazayinka and I am from Burundi .I really need this scholarship
    I would like to inform you this year i\’m having my high school certificate.
    Best regards.

  89. My name is SMANGELE NDONDO DLAMINI I\’m studying Diploma in computer literacy.. Can you help ineed scholarships.

  90. kindly award me the scholarship for a master degree, I currently have a degree in science information technology

  91. Hollo sir\’s am written this withdue respect. Please i,m the you man who want to attend computer science but i am poor man pls sir help to complete my ammission and ambission to give me scolaship pls accept me i want rule a world and make every body happy in the world and easy life thanks to having your time

  92. Thanks a million times for this great opportunity you are offering to people especially poor ones like me to excel in their careers.I would be very grateful if you can offer me a scholarship to study for a masters degree in Public Health. Once more, thanks a million times for this opportunity.

  93. Hi, I am an undergraduate student studying law.I kindly ask you to offer me a scholarship inorder for me to complete my studies,any help offered will be highly appreciated,my number is +254795160493

  94. Hello, am Samuel Okwero, a student at Mount Kenya University pursuing Bachelor of Commerce. I was able to pay for my first year school fees at the campus but recently i could not continue with the studies due to lack of financial matters. I was requesting if i can get financial aid in terms of school fees to continue with my academics. Thank you.

  95. i was graduated from addis ababa university by psychology 2014 ,if i offered scholarship i need to learn economics if and only if i get it. thank you

  96. I need to persue a diploma in electrical and electronic engineering and I don\’t have school fees please help me to achieve my dream

  97. Hello, am Bulcha Awol, I am graduated by Environmental health nurse at shashamene health sceince collage by level Iv at 2012.
    But recently i could not get chance of degre program due to lack of
    financial matters and time. I was requesting thise if i can get Opportunity from your organization in terms of school fees to continue with my first degree I interest to continue by health program Thank you.

  98. Hi am celcius orisakwe, am from Nigeria please I need scholarship to study computer engineering . hope message will ger ro you guys thanks

  99. Please sir i will like to study Business Administration. i will be grateful if i am offered the scholarship.

  100. I\’m interested in the scholarships program, without which I will not be able to pursue my bachelor\’s degree in Law.

  101. Am Bassey , Victor Bassey by name , a harmless Nigerian youth who cannot continue with his academic career because of financial challenges.

    I will be glad if I am given scholarship to study my dream course which I believe that someday I would become the greatest scientist of my time.

  102. i would be grateful if I can get the scholarship I want to study medicine in Ukraine but no scholarship are offered at the university please help out

  103. I have Masters degree in community development and leadership from Mekelle university from tigray,Ethiopia in february 2019 . I apply to get scholar ship PHD in any development courses. I am eligible to join the courses that I mentioned earlier. I look forward for postive response from your organization through via my email.

  104. I would be so glad if you offer me the fully funded scholarship because it is my dream to study abroad and study Political and International Relations that i have been interested at. Please help because i cant afford myself and desire to continue my undergraduate education.

  105. hello,I would like to do forensic psychology and I will so glad if you offer me your scholarship


  106. Hello I was finished secondary schools last year but am in away of research scholarship but I need your help I appreciate

  107. Hello my is Sender Raimundo from Mozambique, i finished my secundary school 2012 i am looking for scholarship

  108. I am looking for a scholarship to study public administration, please help me so as to reach my dream an national as whole.

  109. I am Otis S Gorgor, I am a Liberian who want to Study Agriculture, Sir/Madam if I get this opportunity I will be grateful to God.

  110. I am a Liberian who want to Study Agriculture, Sir/Madam if I get this opportunity I will be grateful to God.

  111. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have raised 99% of tuition and fees, and have a short fall of US$200 per month for a period of 2 years. I seriously need this scholarship. Please kindly assist.

  112. Dear Sir/Madam

    I want to finish my study in Information Technology (IT). Sir/Madam if I get this opportunity I will be grateful to God.

  113. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to continue to studies in Nutrition and Dietetics at Bachelor level and take up diplomatic studies. Please consider my request for this studying opportunity.

    My phone number: +254723058255

  114. I am found of become a textile Engineer. But I have no money to study in abroad. So I request you to give me scholarship. Thanks

  115. i would like to study in the US and persure my dream of becoming a business person around the world

  116. I am greatly searching for opportunity like this so I can pursue my degree course which I had already apply for and I had been enrolled but because of fees problem they want to drop me out of course

  117. please make dream come true by giving that chance to further up studies in Business management or marketing

  118. Hi , i am George L . Lakpor , Jr from Liberia . I want to do medicine please help me with said scholarship to make my dreams come through.

  119. Hello Ma\’am/Sir, I just wanna ask if this scholarship is available for Filipino students studying in Philippines. Please. I hope to be enlightened. Thank you in advance.

  120. Please sir thank you so much for your generosity towards us all. I am a Ugandan and want to be a journalist please support me financially because my parents are poor. May God bless you so much.

  121. I already have the admission form from the University and they have given me journalism but am only having a problem of the tution to pay. Please help me.because for the first time I am going to study what I like and in the University I have longed for but the money problem is hindering me. Please consider me thanks again.

  122. I am a student of olabisi onabanjo University Nigeria I am seriously in need of financial assistance.I will be very grateful if my request is given considerable attention
    I don\’t mind if it is an online online degree scholarship

  123. Good day! I\’m Blossom from Nigeria. I would love to study Medicine in a Canadian University. Really looking forward to your favorable response.

  124. I\’m radiologist and i graduated in 2015..i need to improve my skills in nusing.please can you help to get that scholarship?

  125. I am an experienced Human Rights, Gender and Women\’s Rights expert and Fellow of UN Human Rights at OHCHR under the office of Field Operations and Technical Cooperation completed in Geneva. I also have a Policing background with national and international experience. I have great passion to pursue post-graduate degree in Criminal and Forensic Science at any reputable University. Will you please guide me on the possibility of scholarship and reputable University for this programme.

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