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If you are interested in studying up at the best possible rates, you should try a real scholarship opportunity! So why not explore the Amandla East & Southern Africa Fellowship which will put you right in the very centre of the best academic solutions. If you want to be among the top students, you may want to consider a real scholarship. Students from the following countries are eligible for the Amandla scholarship:

You must be from one of the following countries:

Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, South Africa, Somalia, Seychelles, Rwanda, Mozambique, Mauritius, Madagascar, Lesotho, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, Djibouti, Burundi and Angola.

Rest assured that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. As you can see, there are myriad ways to study today – both online and offline, without you spending so much as a penny. It’s thanks to this variety that everyone can pursue their studies today without having to worry too much about anything in particular.

We will ensure to link you to the best studying options out there on the spot. Whatever your worry, don’t you give it another moment’s thought. We will solve it for you and you will never have to self-doubt again.

Great Scholarship Opportunities Now!

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149 thoughts on “Amandla East & Southern Africa Fellowship

  1. Can I be eligible for this offer if I am from Botswana? I have noticed that we are not in the list of eligible countries.


  2. Hello Sir!
    Iam Matoch Makur, relocating South Sudan with Diploma in Human Nutrition from Cornell University in Ireland. I really want to get this scholarship and study abroad in Australia! Please I promise you I will work very hard and eventually give something back to others, both as teacher and possibly a scholarship to future student like myself.
    Iam really awaiting!
    Many thanks,

  3. I am a kenyan citizen,currenyly finished my undergraduate program accounting in the university of nairobi.I would want a scholarship for masters in Accounting in the oversees countries like London and USA or Melbourne in Australia,iam a very committed person and will not fail once given and i will give back to society. Kindly advice

  4. hello sir!
    My Self Abdul Moiz.
    I want to study abroad but my family is financialy week.
    i need a scholarship to continue.
    kind do something in my fovour.
    Thank u

  5. I don\’t want to get scholarship.I am already getting education in my country.I don\’t want to leave my country.My is best forever.Thanks.

  6. Am sorry I can\’t understand something, getting the scholarship means will travel to study there or staying in my country and studying online?

  7. Am james twesigye from uganda and I will be very greatful to get this opportunity.and I rilly appreciate the great work your doing to improve african education standards with great support

  8. I am Babalola oyindamola from Nigeria,I need this scholarship please because my financial state is low please help me. Thank you

  9. Greetings from Uganda ,lwish to continue studying if granted chance
    Help me ,guide me how to upply if that is possible

  10. Hi
    I from Ethiopia
    Great opportunity to continue my studies and its my pleasure to apply and realize my dream.
    I want to continue with my studies but am financially poor,how can i get this scholarsh
    i need to study civil egineering in scholarship
    so please help me
    with regardsip.

  11. for 2year I Graduated Bachelor in Eletrical&Computer Engineering from ethiopian university and I have not got the job, I realy want to learn Mastre Dgree but a poor boy I have not money please help me

  12. Dear sir I have graduate from o\’level and i want to join schoolership bescuse my family are poor people pls help me to apply it

  13. Hi
    Am Enock Sibande from Malawi. 21year boy. under city and Guilds at Lilongwe Technical College.Mechanical engineering under graduate. I want scholarship to be free innovating a lot of machine like hydraulic piston engine.

  14. Hello! I\’m Faustin and I\’m very happy after seeing this opportunity. I graduated in Mechanical engineering two weeks ago and I wish to be helped in the process of getting this schoraship such that I can continue for masters! Thank you in advance!!

  15. J\’aimerai finir mon étude et finalement je travail pour améliorer mon avenir et je peux vivre avec mes famille et mon rêve de faire le doctorat je vous remercie….

  16. Hi. I\’m from BURUNDI i need full scholarships to start university study abroad bachelor in business management in london 2019. Thanks

  17. Am David Augustino, a Sudanese by nationality, a refugees in Kenya due to civil war in my country for so many years.However, i managed to study here in Kenya right from primary school and secondary school or high school which was given free by the UNHCR thanks goes to them.From there, through hard working at school, i got an help to study at college and graduating with the diploma in international relations with the credit because i have a big dream of becoming ambassador of peace in my lovely country which has subjected itself to war for centuries.Therefore, having seeing this a wonderful and per-found opportunity, i feel like this is golden chance that i should not miss easily because i wanted study bachelor degree in political science and and public administeration at one of the university abroad either through online or offline all is the same as long i will achieve my dreams.
    Otherwise, am praying very hard this chance comes to be true, i will be most happiest person in the world.

  18. Am a secondary leaver from a refugee school here in Kenya and i will be happy if your support befall me.. I have dreams to further my education and go back to my country south sudan and build peace with likeness of all the people.. It will be a great support if this priority be granted to me for i have been wanting to join the University level but i lack support from any person..Thank you

  19. nice one I hold Diploma in agribusiness management and certificate in general agriculture I want to study more the brain is prepared for more

  20. I would like to thank u for this wonderful opportunity and mostly my family was happy about this opportunity i promise to pass and feather to focus more on my studies and put more effort on my studies as I am given such an opportunity

  21. My name is ihekwaba peculiar. I am a nigerian. I am currently an undergraduate In the university studying international relations.

  22. Thanks more nice to have opportunities to continue my study for further More up to university abroad. Mahder mohammed osman omer Eritrean nationality from sudan.I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.I want to study computer science if you offer me this scholarship grants. Nice to hear from you soon.

  23. thanks for giving me an opportunity to study my master degree program if sponsorship award..I am from Zambia and have a degree in wood science and technology graduated with a distinction.
    more information about the requirements of getting sponsorship will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you!!!

  24. I Would Like To Be Supported In Electrical Engineering Master Degree In Order To Continue My Stydies And Then Prepare My Future !

  25. Hello administration am Disan from Uganda and am interested in bachelor of science in medicine and surgery, we are financially weak. I will be grateful if I get the opportunity.

  26. Am a teacher of science accepted into Msc Biology Education at DMI st Eugene university in Zambia on distance learning.$5000.00 will be enough to offset tuition fees.Kindly assist.

  27. Hi am SUbila F M from Uganda am looking forward to studying but finance issues incapaciting me so am requesting for a full scholarship to study . thnx

  28. Hello my name is Ayebazibwe Jolly Esther and am a Ugandan and I would like to get a scholarship thanks.

  29. Hello, am Ugandan requesting for a full scholarship to study abroad because my guardians can manage to provide the necessary finances. thank you

  30. My name is Poland Chanza. I am a Zambian medical student. I need a fully funded international scholarship to study medicine abroad.
    Your positive response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  31. l am usher from Zambia l request for full scholarship that would mean a lot to me your response will be highly appreciate..

  32. I am a Zimbabwean lady, will be so grateful to receive full scholarship from you. Interested to study forensic science abroad.

  33. Hi I am Ratsoakae Lipholo from Lesotho ..I would be so grateful to get a full time scholarship ..I want to study Accounting abroad

  34. I will be very grateful and happy if I have this scholarship,I want to study Computer Science.May God Bless you all

  35. Am David Marro, I would like to request for a scholar,,, support in my farther studies please consider me and help me know how to apply!

  36. Hello,this is Brenda from Uganda am too much enthusiastic to explore height in my course and I will be too glad if I get an international full scholarship thanks.

  37. hi.. am benjamin sammy from kenya currently through with undergraduate bachelors degree in public administration from the university of Nairobi and wishing to proceed with masters in a common wealth country ,kindly asssist me with a scholarship programme. thankyou

  38. I\’m Saiful Islam from Banglades. I\’ve completed (Hon\’s) in field of islamic studies & i need a scholarship to carry on my master\’s degree. so i need your extraordinary support. I guess you wull provide ur best. Thank u Sir.

  39. I am from Sierra Leone.It will be very nice having such opportunity to study overseas. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Social work at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone and I will like to further with policy upon the completion of the said program.

  40. I want to study foundation in Human Resources Management. I am from The Gambia I really need this scholarship to do my studies. Thank you for your marvellious job toward students acquiring scholarship.

  41. Hello my name is Fatoumata Diariou Diallo graduated in business management I would like to have the opportunity to study in China because i want to improve my studies but i am from guinea .

  42. Hello my name is Momodou Salifu Bah I from in will be very nice to have this opportunity to study electronic science and I really need your help to have a scholarship to study.thanks you all doing good!!!

  43. Thanks in advance. Kindly can I be a awarded a masters degree in Information Technology. Eagerly awaiting your response

  44. I will be honored when I will be put into consideration with this scholarship I badly need a scholarship to finish my studies.

  45. Hello!am a Rwandan lady, it will be great to me to get that chance of continuing my studies (phd in business) in China

  46. It\’s not easy to miss out such opportunities in life… I will be much grateful if I\’ll be offered one

  47. i, 6p!m7r!b 6p-k*ie!ps*k6p
    #1ik8i !pipm 7p#kpt #r7i tpimp!/
    *k!7 pckrm#*i tp@i#1ph*!#p!/
    ibi#ep!m7pmk@pip!6pbkmhp@! i#i
    mhpsk*p6epc 1 !mc p#kph #p#1

  48. i want to study in abroad but my financiarly is poor i want your help please if u can answer with this email quickly .Thank you for your support.

  49. Hi dear sir / madam
    My name is Mirwais today I am very happy I am glad to see there are people like you who love to help people specially student. dear I want increase my knowledge so please help me to get a free scholarship thanks a million.

  50. My name is Dagem Gemechu and i\’m from Ethiopian,i need full scholarship chance to study .can you help me please!!!thankfully

  51. This is such a good opportunity to study . I am interested your assistance with full scholarship will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you

  52. I love to increase my knowledge, but I have financial problem. Please help me with a scholarship? I will be very thankful

  53. Am Wamera Yusufu from Uganda I here by requesting a scholarship, i don\’t kknow how acquire it please help me get one. We are financially poor and we luck assets to before I join the university. I want to do general science in agriculture. I really missing higher education that has limited my targets to help in agricultural sector worldwide.


  55. This opportunity is good for me but i am African living Liberia how can i be a part of this scholarship?

  56. I want scholarship am doing machanical engineering frist year diploma student, I want to further my studies abroad anyone who can help me with a legit scholarship not scammer plzz

  57. Hi! I am from South Africa. I have finished my matric in 2003. I will like to study further to do Mathematics. I am a hard working person. I am from the DISADVANTAGE FEMALY, I don\’t have a Mother and a Father. I will be happy if I get the schorlaship to study so as to make my tream come true.

  58. I am interested with this Scholarship. How will I get fund my classes for Post graduate starts soon at Wits school of governance.

  59. I\’m Benacy from srilanka.. I am interested… I want to make my master degree in Peace and conflict resolution.. Give me a chance..

  60. Am a South Sudanese i would be happy if you may consider me among the lucky people, as you might have known the situation in my country where most youth are being used by the politician to work for them without looking in the future of our country

  61. I am Bertha Uukanga doing my first year at namcol centre doing diploma in education, and I hereby want to be helplaced with a grant to pay my fees so that I can be able to write my exam in June

  62. hi I\’m from Ethiopia and I\’m electrical and computer engineering student I wanna to continues my education abroad please help me.

  63. My name is Dawit Emana Abdisa and i\\’m from Ethiopian,i need full scholarship chance to study .can you help me please!!!thankfully.

  64. am a zimbabwean girl wish to study master in health and clinical psychology in Europe and ama begging for a scholarship

  65. I am from Ethiopia and a senior lecturer in the departments of Industrial as well as Mechanical Engineering and currently I do have Masters degree and I need to continur my PhD in industrial engineering on the optimization courses.

  66. Good afternoon!
    My name is Chico Mariano Gimo, a 36-year-old single, a native of Beira-Mozambican, with a high school diploma and a bachelor\’s degree in free theology. I really want to get this scholarship and to do bachelors fully online! Please, I promise the chance to do something more, and eventually give something back to others, especially those who are coming in wanting more than their dreams, but without living conditions.
    I look forward to the bag!
    Thank you very much.

  67. I Would Like To Be Supported In Medicine/Psychiatric Master Degree In Order To Continue My Stydies And Then Prepare My Future !

  68. I am very interested in this scholarship but I cann\’t effort the fee so can you tell me getting online course like in this scholarship.

  69. Thanks for your forgiveness to get the chance for learning my degree program by bachelor of pharmacy while i have diploma in pharmacy technician from Ethiopia.

  70. I am in for this great scholarship opportunity.
    I would be grateful if I am considered.
    Thanks in advance.

  71. I am from Sudan and I really need this scholarship to continuing my study in environmental management

  72. I am Ethiopian Citizen and my Name is Muktar Mohammed.I have graduated with Master of Business Administration from Madda Walabu University.I would like to have a scholarship for PhD in mangement,/strategic Management,HRM,Leadership and Change Management,Transformational Leadership/ in Oversees Countries like London and USA in Australia.I am a very commited person and will not fail once given and I will give back to society.thank you for your cooperation

  73. I am Ethiopian Citizen and my Name is Muktar Mohammed.I have graduated with Master of Business Administration from Madda Walabu University.I would like to have a scholarship for PhD in mangement,/strategic Management,HRM,Leadership and Change Management,Transformational Leadership/ in Oversees Countries like London and USA Colleges in Australia.I am a very commited person and will not fail once given and I will give back to society.thank you for your cooperation

  74. Hi
    I from Rwanda
    Great opportunity to continue my studies and its my pleasure to apply and realize my dream.
    I want to continue with my studies but am financially poor,how can i get this scholarsh
    i need to study Account in scholarship
    so please help me
    with regardsip.

  75. Hi
    I am fro Kenya.I have a diploma a diploma in armed conflict from University of Nairobi and I would really like to further my studies

  76. i live in rwanda i need this schorship be course i lock ability to be paid schorship university so i need basary degree

  77. Hello,
    May I know what I am required to do to be able to get enrolled in one of the courses of my choice.
    I would like to take a degree course in education but I have always suffered from financial constraints.i am looking forward to hearing from you soon .
    Thanks in advance.

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