Universities and colleges ensure that the distance learning education programs and qualifications are on the same high quality as based on campus one. An increasing number of universities provide distance learning opportunities. The main advantage of distance learning education is that it allows you to fit your learning around your work and home life

Choosing a degree program it’s a great decision which affects your further life and career. Degree program delivered you career-focused education and opportunity to network with the potential employers which leads to graduates with the skills they need and the experience employers want. At every university, you can pick a degree program what you think will prepare you for a professional success.

accredited online university can give students the option to pursue a variety of certificates and degree programs entirely online  After graduates from accredited online university students have the opportunity to apply their new knowledge in the workforce. accredited online university has been helping working adults to get their degree.

If you want to apply for a scholarship, you will need to to fulfil a few criteria. For starters, your EUR3,000 scholarship will be available to you if you yield from. You must be studying in one of the following countries:

United Kingdom, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Malta, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Ghana, France, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium and Austria.

The degrees that qualify are as follows: Technology, Science, Applied Science, Chemistry, Culinary Arts, Agriculture, Psychology and Biology/Life Sciences.

This is a great learning opportunity for eveyrone who is interested in advancing their academic life and excelling in life. It’s all very possible to do business these days if you have the right set of skills. And to be honest, if you go to succeed in life, you will have to get good education. There’s no way around it and that’s what, well, sucks about it. But if you are really determined, you will soon make sure that you excel at what you do.

Make sure to get the scholarship that matters to you and make a difference in your world. You will be quite pleased with yourself. Make sure to exceed and make a change in your life. EUR3,000 is a sufficient number to get you going at first.

EUR 3,000 for Scholarships!

NAME, get your studying started with EUR 3,000 and…

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160 thoughts on “EUR 3,000 European PhD Flavor Research Bursary for first year PhD students – 2018/2019

  1. I am well aware of this programme, and I will be grateful if this Opportunity is available for me,as I would love to study this field.

  2. i need help .but i have bachelor [hons] in sociology of which i want masters in social work since i have a passion to work amongst the refugees.i would love to study in Australia on campus

  3. It\’s something that I have being dreaming of..
    Getting a scholarship from a trusted foundation, so I can persue my university studies abroad .
    Kindly asking for a support..

  4. I need help .but i have bachelor in
    civil engineering of which i want masters in any related field with civil engineering. I would love to study in Australia on

  5. I am well aware of this programme, and I will be grateful if this Opportunity is available for me,as I would love to study this field.

  6. I like to study there if you can help me, and it is my dream to be well educated person in your place.
    am a person like no other, i wish to be helpful person in my life.

  7. I also wish to have or get one if at all am given a chance. I really need a scholarship in the field of engineering.

  8. Hi . my name is Ahmed Mustafa from Sudan . really I need your help so to complete my dream . I have master degree in English language ELT

  9. i want to avail this kind of scholarship. i want to continue my studies with this scholarship…hope that you\’ll grant me…

  10. I wish I could be considered on this schoolarship. My area of interest is learner support services in distance education.

  11. im shreera yadav from nepal i have completed master degree in physics i want to do phd in full scholar so what should i do

  12. How To Accomplish My Dream!Is It True Can I Get This Opportunity To Follow My Studies?How?I Have Bachelor In Chemistry I Would Like To Go On In The Same Field But I Had No Financial Support To Cover All The Expenses!I Am Gratefull first Of All!Many Thanks!

  13. I am a first year student, im doing diploma in general nursing, can you please assist me with the college fees

  14. I am very happy if have opportunity obtain these scholarship supporting to follow: Technology program which take place on one of countries above.
    Thank you.

  15. I will be so glad if am given this opportunity and and I will make sure I try my possible best in achieving my aims and objectives.

  16. Bonsoir à tous
    Je suis un étudiant béninois en première année de licence en Génie de l\’Eau et Assainissement.
    Je demande humblement de votre part la faveur de bien vouloir m\’accorder une bourse d\’étude à l\’étranger dans la filière Génie de l\’Eau et Assainissement.

  17. Am Kamoga Andrew a Ugandan i have a diploma in horticulture got from Uganda and a diploma in agriculture which i got from israel. i want to get a bachelor degree in agriculture. am asking please how can i apply.

  18. thanks for giving me the chance but i have some programees i can not manage to get shool fees
    i am a refugese currently living in refuge comp settlement kyanwali UGANDA, I need the service but th]e fees is my bigest challage

  19. Im from the Philippines, i was looking for a sponsors for my kids school tuition fees.
    I cannot afford to send my kids to other countries.

  20. Hy!.
    With profoundely, i am needy og scholarship grant for doing my M. Phill and P. Hd from my iwn counter(pakistan).
    Looking and hope for best response

  21. Iam Ibrahim Abdo from Ethiopia.Iam 4th year mechanical engineering student please select me Iam more imterested on this scholar.

  22. i really need this scholarship to study my first degree and would want to study at the campus.i would greatly appreciate the assistance.

  23. i am Tabkeer Ahmed Bubak and wish to study Under Graduate to PHD level at the same place.I shall be highly grateful to any Philanthropist person/Organization who could like to help some trodden person to improve himself in the field of education.I have no other words except gratitude of a poor person .

  24. Thanks for those scholarships. But i am in Uganda yet i do not have to go those countries mentioned. Is there a chance to study in Uganda or not?

  25. I am S/r Destaye from Ethiopia; I have a master’s degree (Msc) in pediatrics and child health nursing from University of Gondar Ethiopia. I need a free Ph.D. scholarship in doctor of practical nursing or related to my profession .

  26. I have had an unconditional offer to purse my course in Oil,Gas and Mining Law but I am unable to fund for my study. I am in need of financial support.

  27. My name is Marlène, I have diplom in hight school. And now, i study in chinese language in second year.I need your help to study in culinary art.I hope your help, really.

  28. Hi my friends, colleges ang my familly
    I would like to say thank you so hard much for this opportunity to really need help me and others for get that scholarship to studying successfully aboard, I indeed don\’t loose the goldest time for success
    I hope to hearing from you soon
    take rest

  29. Greeting, I am registered with University of Nicosia online but can not continue with my studies because of lack of funds. I therefore wish to be considered for this opportunity. Thank

  30. I am Hamza Abrahim from Ethiopia; I have a bachelor’s degree
    (Bsc) in water supply and environmental engineering from Arba minch University
    of Ethiopia. I need a free Msc. scholarship in Water supply engineering or related to my profession .

  31. I have no parent and i want to study in your school ,i shall be glad if i can be rendered assistance based on the scholarship i have my complete paper in WAEC THANKS

  32. I am well aware of this programme,and i will be grateful if this Opportunity is available for me and my dreams comes true thank you

  33. I really need to pursue the PhD. This qualification will bring a not only my satisfaction but also benefits to others as it will open up my lecturing career.

  34. I would like to be considered for offer of the scholarship that is on the table now and my field of interest is technology.

  35. Hi my name Lamin saidy,
    I live in Gambia. I have been searching for a scholarship for many years now..I suggested that this might be one of the best that I had follow, and I have expecting to get positive feedback from this scholarship.

  36. Help my name is Katesigwa Wilson a biology and chemistry teacher would like to pursue ascience masters course like masters in microbiology, human nutrition ,

  37. Looking for a scholarship please help me I really want to study abroad. I want to do bachelor\’s degree in computer science, please help me

  38. I am under the name of Habumugisha Christian I am a Rwandan and I need a scholarship in education, I completed my secondary studies and I want to start university

  39. Hello Valid Degree
    Bwire Kenneth and I have sending and receiving emails up till I thought on a. such luck to win one
    Thank you

  40. Your website inspires me not give up on my dreams, an I can be something meaningful with your inspiration….

  41. lam young ethiopia l have Bsc in automotive engineering and l would like abroad study please help me contact phone 0916843342

  42. Name: Lelisa Daba from Ethiopia
    Current status: Msc in Rural Development
    Current position: Lecture
    Request Program: PhD program free scholarship
    so I need your support how to get this Opportunities ie procedures, principles and others criteria needed to achieve successfull scholarship
    thank you for your services

  43. I\’m a student at the University of Liberia, and wanting to achieve a 100% free scholarship in foreign country to acquire a higher degree.

  44. I am kishi from Cameroon. Are there any accredited online uiversities offering interior decoration? if yes can i study online in cameroon?

  45. Hi my name is Alex TEMBO NANGWALA from Zambia. please help me I really need a scholarship.I will be very greatful if a I can be considered at your institution. my direct contact line is +260970447792.

  46. I will appreciate if I could be considered for admission for Masters in Sound Design (Audio & Sound Production)

  47. Hi am kevin from the solomon islands
    and i really want to study in Australia if i could have the chance to be sponsard

  48. I am a Nurse with a diploma in this field, please I will be grateful if I am given the opportunity to further my studies in this same field.

  49. kindly…I requested to be shortlisted for the schorlaship…I would like to further my education..please help me to join Switzerland..thanks

  50. I am inhabitant in Bangladesh. My father passed away when I was 14. I am continuing my study with governmentmerit scholarship. I badly needed a fully funded scholarship for completing Master’s in abroad. I assure that I am a hardworking person and an active learner. I hope that you grand for me a scholarship.i wish for you a healty and content life.

  51. Dear Sir /Madam;
    It is my pleasure to be a part of this foundation.
    I am a graduate with all my documents intact .
    I will be very glad if you can help me achieve this gold.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Sincerely yours,

    Moses F. Pissi
    Applicant (+231778894766)

  52. I receive in good faith what\’s the best of this scholarship. applied since 2016 and since God being faithful has granted me access. let me know really how this can help me further my studies. thanks for this scholarship team

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