Many people enrol in distance learning education because of the flexibility they provide. Distance learning education makes it possible to complete your study in spare time for those who have to travel a lot and have other duties or family responsibilities. Students don’t have to carry heavy books because distance learning education provides all books online, students can also contact professors by email or take part in online discussions.

There is a two option of a degree program. As a first step, you have to take your bachelor degree and then a master degree program. Those things are not much complicated as it looks like. Degree program matched to your need. The only thing you have to do it’s to find a suitable. If you can do it on your own you can write to universities and ask about their degree program in a specific field you’re interested in and then compare all the options you have.

People want to have a degree which means they have to attend college. But what if they can’t? It’s not a problem today, students can pursue college education online and have more spare time for other duties. Picking college education online you will also have a wide range of fields you can study. Curriculums at college education online are as high quality as one on-campus and as an add-on college education online you can record all your lectures and re-watch them many times later.

If you are interested in $5,580 in scholarship money and you are studying in the United States, now is your time to make a claim on some brilliant learning opportunities! Even though the scholarship is tenable in the United States, to receive it, you still need to be from one of the following countries: Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Belize and Argentina.

When it comes to the specific subject you may study, you have a rather large variety to pick from as well: Sociology, Science, Philosophy, Nutrition, Journalism, Health and Physical Education, Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Dance, Criminal & Forensic Science, Broadcasting, Computer Animation, Web Design & Development, Game Design & Development, Digital Arts & Design, Accounting, Applied Science, Chemistry, Political Science, History, Economics, Finance, Music, Nursing, Psychology, Mathematics, Marketing, Health Professions, Fashion, English Literature, Engineering, Education, Cultural Studies, Computer & Information Systems, Communications, Business/Management, Biology/Life Sciences and Architecture & Design.

$5,580 in Scholarship Cash Now!

NAME, get $5,580 to study and bring your opportunities to…

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198 thoughts on “$5,580 Central/South American Scholarship

  1. I am from bangladeah. I want to study LLB in bangladesh. just need scholarship. I complet my study and help poor people. nothing to say. I am helpless. please do something

  2. Hello Sir/ Madam,
    Iam Matoch Makur, relocating to South Sudan with Diploma in Human Nutrition from Cornell University in Ireland and sometime was enrolled to take bachelor in the same field. But could not continue due to the financial constrain that Iam in.
    However, I really need your in this fully-funded scholarship to study abroad and attain bachelor degree in one of Australian University.
    So I hope my dream would be reality soon through your scholarship programme.
    Many thanks,

  3. Hi Sir / Madam
    I am Faisal Manzoor from Pakistan. i would like to know that students from Pakistan can avail this opportunity of scholarship?????

  4. I am HASSAN KAMARA FROM SIERRA LEONE. I have entered a university studying BSc public health but could not continue the course due to financial constrains and lack of sponsors. I want you to help me study on one of these universities abroad or else it will not be easy again for me to continue because my family will not be able to pay my university fee.

  5. I am from Ghana and have completed my bachelor degree in commerce and hoping to enrol on your fully funded scholarship in uk to read my masters degree program .

  6. Hi Sir / Madam
    I am QUAI TERRY ALICK from VANUATU. i would like to know that students from VANUATU can avail this opportunity of scholarship?????

  7. I don\’t want any online degree I want to came in your country for doing MBBS on scholarship please give me the chance that I get MBBS degree in your degree

  8. My name is Tony Gbeh from Liberia, I\’m interested in your offer and wishing to be one of your beneficiary. How can you help?
    What\’s the procedure?

  9. Am a registered medical Laboratory technician and a certified senior paramedical doctor …..I wish to upgrade and major in human medicine and surgery if given a scholarship in any parts of the world …….am from United States Of Uganda …..,Cheers!

  10. I need a financial support to further my education in nursing. Due to financial problem,I drop out from school last year.Am Gladys Arkoh

  11. I am interested to study medicine mbbs ,I just graduated last year olevel , I don\’t want to study online but come in ur country to study ,I wish to apply for a scholarship

  12. Hi, iam William Darloh i have a diplomat in Electricity. I want to futher it to Electrical Enegering. Iam seeking for help.

  13. Hi, my name is Fatima Eltaher, from sudan, I have Bachelor degree in economic business administration, I want full scholarship in USA to complete my high study and and get master degree, so, I need a, and help to make my dream to complete my stuy in USA, I have not any one to help me. Please help.. Thank very much

  14. name is Emmanuel Gouzeh I from west Africa Monrovia Liberia I am a undergraduate student I want fall scholarship in the united states to get my degree in the united states make my dream come complete so please need help . thank for your understanding

  15. hii im Lelisa Daba from Ethiopia. Im Msc holder in Rural Development With 3.56 GPA. i want to scholarship to study my Phd in related field in any europ and america countries to achieve my long time dream

  16. Greetings to you all fighting to help people like me fulfill their dreams, by giving out scholarships. I\’m Margret and I studied in Bénin where the conditions for éducation are not really encouraging. I would love to continue my master degrees studies un Epidemiology and biostatistics in the UK. Kindly help me fulfill a dream that will also be useful to a whole nation in return. Thanks and may God bless you.

  17. Hi to everyone! My name ils Jean Bosco Nzokirantevye, I am burundian.
    I have graduated in Agricultural Sector where I am an engineer, then my hope is to pursue my studies at Masters level and in the same career ( Agricultural science) so that I need a help of 100% full scholarship to fulfill my dream. I would be grateful for the grant I get from you.

    Remain blessed!

  18. I am hussen Ahmed from Ethiopia I want to study abroad so support me in you can by financial aid 1000248145173 put something on it +251973832109

  19. My name is Thesta Kiazolu and am a high school graduate and also an orphan. I want to enter university but there is no support. Am a Liberian. Can you please help me forward my education?

  20. my name is Nakarioko Fiona

    Am from Uganda , I have bachelor\’s degree in psychology and would like to be supported so I can do masters in the same field because people in my country need alot of help in relation to mental health, we have very few mental health workers here and as a result so many people are losing their lives because they have no one to help and treat mentally illnesses

  21. My name is Zainab from Libya, I have Bachelor degree in English Literature, I want full scholarship to complete my high study and and get master degree

  22. Dear /madaam Following your full scholarship program am interested to get it and full fill my academic dreams. am a student at baringo national high school currently seating for my form four year. i would like to do mechatronic engineering. hope for your concern and consideration for this scholarship in advance thank you

  23. I am Melaku Bitew from Ethiopia I want to study master program in information Technology abroad,Now i am lecturer from well known university called university of gonadar and i have good achadamic results, please I need help thanks +251-0967146404 and please replay for may comment

  24. I am an A level student finishing this year.How can I get a full scholarship to pursue my dream in mechanitronics engineering?

  25. I\’m 33 Years Old A Former Friar And I Need A Samaritan To Help Get A Scholarship To Study My Best Subject Chemistry .

  26. Hello iam Ahmad Nafiu a Nigerian i studied medical lab technician iwant to further with my bachalor in med lab science but idont have sponsor .I therefore seeking your scholarship to achieve my dream. Hw will i have access to the form.Thans

  27. My name is Chimwemwe Kambwiri from Malawi .I have a degree in Business Administration ,i am looking forward to further my studies getting a Masters degree in Gender and Development .How can i get a full sponsored scholarship to pursur my career?

  28. Hi, I am a Liberian who have a desire to further my education into higher leanings but as it stands now I don\’t have the financial ability to do that. So I am kindly seeking for a scholarship from you to enable me achieve my dream. Thanks.

  29. Hello Sir/ Madam,
    Iam Mary, from uganda with Diploma in in civil engineering Kabale University in Uganda
    However, I really need your in this fully-funded scholarship to study abroad and attain bachelor degree in one of Australian University.
    So I hope my dream would be reality soon through your scholarship programme.
    Many thanks,

  30. Hello Sir/ Madam,
    Iam Samuel omale Adown from Nigeria with Diploma in computer networking at federal university of technology minna Niger state Nigeria
    However, I really need your in this fully-funded scholarship to study abroad and attain bachelor degree in one of Australian University.
    So I hope my dream would be reality soon through your scholarship programme.
    Many thanks,

  31. Hi ,
    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon islands, have a secure placement to do dual programme(degree in behavioural science( counselling) and Bachelor in leadership and management/Business studies (Human Resources)

    Please offer me a schorlship to do these courses Im qualify to do at south Australia University /Queensland University, Australia. Please pay for my tuitions fees/living costs(full schorlaship) Im searching for globally to meet these finanaacial hicaps Im experiencing,

    I need you help to secure a placement in these Universities by early 2020 latest please help me.


    clotilda Claudia Harry

  32. kindly l look forward for your support to realize my dream of acquiring university education. I would like to study Bachelor/degree in Applied Science, thanks

  33. hey am Jonathan ,doing certificate I medical laboratory technology ,I hope to upgrade in diploma so I hope for support from you!
    Am a Ugandan by nationality.

  34. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am J. Moses Singbeh from Liberia/West Africa, I need a Scholarship to study
    Computer & Communication System in Australia.
    Getting this Scholarship will be a dream come true to me because of my poor background and lack of finance support to my Education.

    Best regards.

  35. Varney S. Kolleh is my name, I live in Liberia. I\’m interest in the scholarship offer for the undergraduate program..
    I\’ll be so delighted to you people…
    cell +231881591112

  36. Hai saya pelajar tahun besok akan menyelesaikan sekolah saya,saya ingin melanjutkan kuliah di luar negri,saya tidak punya bnyak kemampuan tapi saya bisa berbahasa inggris dengan baik,,tapi saya tidak punya cukup uang,saya berencana untuk mencari kerja disana juga,saya mohon kepada,siapa yang melihat ini dapat membantu saya dengan beasiswa.saya sangat harap beasiswa agar bisa membanggakan orang tua saya dan menunjukan kepada orang lain kalau saya juga bisa

  37. i need scholarship to upgrade to bachelors degree in biomedical sciences ,i have a diploma as of now and am really interested to upgrade to bachelors degree

  38. I have always been interested in specifically learning more about genes and a DNA…henceforth i would like to enroll for Chemistry in human cell.

  39. am Opiyo Richard from Uganda I have been praying for scholarships ,common please can you help me with scholarship, i need to study a degree in journalism in one of the universities in the UK

  40. I am BARASA ELUID TITUS from Uganda ( Africa) requesting for a scholarship to study a 4 year course of bachelor of nursing by January 2019.

  41. am george mwaisanila, from tanzania ineed scholar ship if there some one who can help me to study abroad,iwill be hapy ilike to learn abroad

  42. Am interested studying computer science and engineering and my parents are don\’t have money to sponsor my education I need Scholarship urgently am in critical situation

  43. hello sir or madam, my name is Oumar Mahamat TAHIR I am from Chad I want to pursue a master in computer science please help me.

  44. salako kaosarat from west undergraduate student..please I need the scholarship to studied political science..and I will be very grateful if my request is granted..

  45. Hello, I am Miriame Coulibaly, I come from Ivory Coast and I have a professional degree in communication option journalism written press. I wish to continue my studies and your help will be welcome.

  46. My name is David M Rumwaropen, I come from Biak Island – Papua. I need and look for a scholarship to pursue My Bachelor Degree of Web Design and Development program. please notify me by e-mail. Thank\’s.

  47. helo am Daniel from Uganda requesting for a scholarship in any university. ihave just finished hsc and iwant to do information technology… God bless you

  48. Hi, my name is Nhlakanipho Shandu, from RSA- currently doing grade 12 this year( 2019). Please help me with a scholarship to study Marine in any University in RSA. Please notify me by e- mail. Thank you.

  49. Hello I am Kono Yaw Richmond from Ghana I am Orphan I lost both of my parents and I am willing to further my education so help me.

  50. Greetings my name is Fortunate Black completed my Advanced level course and aspiring to be a lawyer . Kindly assist me to get a scholarship any where in Europe. May I kindly be notified by email or phone 0782353262.

  51. I will request you that please you have response with me for the purpes of Study I want to study in your country you have take response for me for MBBS degree so please give me response for this scholarship

  52. Hi… I\’m Jona Toga from Fiji… im completing my Bachelor in science these year…
    I would like to come and pursue my Bachelor in Denistry there…

  53. Please how this foundation will award scholarship to any applicant iam keen interested to further my education and study medical laboratory science but i can\’t afford to do so because iam
    lacking sponsors.

  54. Hi, am jacky from Kenya, have passion for nursing , please help me pursue through your scholarship programme. Thanks

  55. Hellow,,am called imman damian from tanzania,am secking for scholarship for higher education next year,,and i would like to do bachelor in accounting and finance

  56. My name is BASAJJABAKA TIMOTHY a Ugandan and am done with A-level, am looking found to studying from Eastern countries like uk and china.
    i want to study an architect course and it will be my pleasure if given a hand.

  57. Am Auna Paul ; done with a diploma in clinical medicine and community health; now want to do medicine and surgery but having a financial constraint. grateful for any consideration. thank you

  58. Hi I ma from khartoum / sudan i got acceptance for master degree but i don\’t have financial support to start . so kindly i am searching for financial support .hope i can get it soon. thnx

  59. I am Geoffrey Mnjama. Currently a Pastor at A.I.C Anitoch here in Nairobi Kenya- I am applying and praying for a scholarship to study a degree in theology in the States,UK or Australia. Please assist

  60. Hello Sir, I am Ahmad from Syria and I am now a refugee in Jordan. I hope to receive a scholarship because it is my dream and thank you

  61. My name is Bockarie Amara from Sierra Leona,I have a Diploma in Project and Development Studies, and i just completed my BSc.Development and Economics. I would like you to help me get a masters degree through this scholarship programme

  62. Hello I\’m Fatoumata Diariou Diallo i have a bachelor degree in business management i am fully interested

  63. I eager to study abroad but my parents have no money to support me.therefore am asking for a scholarship that I could do my doctorate course please.

  64. Hi I am Michael from Nigeria, I eager to study abroad, I will appreciate if I can have the opportunity to do so via scholarship thanks.

  65. I\’m a environmental science student focusing on climate change, i need a scholarship to pursuit and fulfilled my dream

  66. Ok.. Really in need of a scholarship as I don\’t have the capacity to fund my education.Am a holder of a diploma in Agriculture

  67. my name is T chambo, i demand a scholarship for diploma of health education, i finished o level education with division 2 . am so pleasure you will consider my obligations

  68. I\’m looking for a fully funded scholarship to study bachelor degree in business administration please help

  69. my name is Hacimana albert from burundi i m bachelor diploma in scince and i work in mine industry as mineral exploror i need any help my dream is to study about environnement in on of a broad univeristy thank you

  70. im really looking for schoolarship for my 2021 course to study either harvard , stanford , oxford in usa fpr mechatronics and really now i dont have any more thoughts to rely on due to my country\’s poor status

  71. My name is cosmas i am from Tanzania so i am looking for schoolarship to complete my bachelor degree based on environment so i ask to help me.

  72. I am Alie Alie Kmara from Sierra Leone I am a first year student at Forah Bay college reading chemistr/biology
    I am interested in studying abroad so it will be of great help to me if I get this scholarship

  73. I am Bob Mayombo from Papua New Guinea. I\’m very interested to pursue my degree in HRM aboard. I want to follow my dream. This scholarship you offering will be the path way to my brighter future.
    Your help will be highly be appreciated.

  74. I am Bog Amatus from Ghana and l am very interested to pursue my degree in Mechanical Engineering aboard. I want to follow my dream. This scholarship you offering my will help me,in my brightness of my future. Your help will be highly appreciated

  75. Hello. I am John, I still have hopes that you will help me to achieve my carrier .I am a first year student taking a degree course in Bachelor of Commerce

  76. I am from Nigeria I want the University to look after my condition that am into with the problem of Boko Haram issue in Nigeria it\’s seriously affected my studies. I finished my OND in the polytechnic. But I don\’t have means of continue thank you for your usual cooperation.

  77. Hello,
    I am Colins Malale from Kenya. I humbly request for this scholarship so that I proceed my studies in higher levels.
    Thank you.

  78. Im a kenyan who really want to study with zest inorder to realize my dream moreso i will highly appreciate if i will be offered a scholarship as im from vunereable family and paying for my study will be ahard tusk

  79. My name is Dinberu Teshome from Ethiopia.currently am learning MA program in social Anthropology at Jimma university i need scholarship

  80. Emmanuel Ezikel Mansaray I am from Sierra Leone, I want you people to sponsors me in my education. I want to study human resource management in Bsc.

  81. my name isa Tariku Tadesa from Ethiopia and I dont have sponsor . therefore seeking your scholarship to achieve my dream. Hw will i have access to the form.Thans

  82. I am Congolese, from North Kivu province, I wanted a scholarship to support our society, on the socio-economic and socio-political level, seen the immense violation and mutilation that society is going through, but also to serve a living model to the generationfuture, in order to make our skills more efficient. thank you for a favorable réponse from you

  83. I am Congolese, from North Kivu province, I wanted a scholarship to support our society, on the socio-economic and socio-political level, seen the immense violation and mutilation that society is going through.

  84. I need scholarship to continue my study. Please can you help me?
    I m from Pakistan but now I want study abroud.

  85. I am Liva Rhi from Nagaland, India.
    I am B.Com Final year student, and i want to pursue MBA right after Graduation. So Sir/Ma\’am please help me Avial this Scholarship.
    Hoping for Positive Response.

    Thanking You

  86. I am a Kenyan who really want to study with zest and zeal in order to realize my dream more so I\’ll highly appreciate if I am offered the scholarship as my family background is VERY HUMBLE, DESTITUTE AND THAT VULNERABLE. Further I come from a Marginalized Community in Kenya called Endorois. Please help me i help my family and community.
    Thank you.

  87. it is always my pleasure reading from you i really need this scholarship in order to make my dreams a reality in human resource managememt i wish to be given this chance thank you.

  88. Am Isamail Biryomumeisho aged 31yrs from Uganda & financially handicaped to carter for myself university fees & welfare. I look to join in August 2019 on bachelors of SWASA or Public health. Can you help me to study from my country? Thank u.
    Contacts ; +256779218118 / +256752579450

  89. I am South Sudanese, currently reside in South Sudan, and this sound very brilliant, would it be possible for me take part? am interested to do master in international development studies.

  90. please help me i\’m really interested to study biology(bed) first degree so i\’ m waiting for you to change the face of our tomorrow\’s world tel 0941742176. thank you, god bless you!

  91. Hi, my name is Ngum Sonita Tibui from Cameroon, I have a higher national diploma in nursing, I wish to further my studies but I have a financial problem please help me to fulfill my dream by offering me a scholarship

  92. My name is Mudimba Leonard. I come from zimbabwe, a Tonga by tribe. i am from the most economically and geographicaly most marginised and minority tribe in my country. I am desperate for a scholarship to study towards my PhD. I wish to research on Financial Icnlusion in Zimbabwe 2030.

  93. hi,My name is Mohammed Salih Ahmed I am from Ethiopia .I want this scholarship to study Leadership Management and related studies. Thank you

  94. hi,My name is Mohammed Salih from Ethiopia .I want this scholarship to my masters degree I need study Leadership. Pls contact me

  95. Hi, my name is Ngene Emmanuel Chidiebere from Nigeria, I have finished secondary School four years ago but know money to further my education, please I so much need help on this scholarship to study Economics as my first degree in University of British Columbia Canada or University of California USA

  96. Pls I am in need of financial help in order to further my studies in petroleum engineering.I am an undergraduate and a Ghanian by nationality.

  97. I am Ebenezer Akinpelu from Nigeria, I need financial assistant for PhD in Education and better job.

    I am a Mozambican by nationality aged 20 years completed grade twelve,I have always been dreaming bigger in life but due to financial difficulties my dreams couldn’t come true, now seeing the opportunity I have been looking for, I would like to have a English tracking course anywhere around the world, thank you in advance for your attention and consideration

  99. I am Hilina Abera from Ethiopia I have completed bachelore degree and I want this masters scholarship please contact me.

  100. Hello outstandings supporters i am Jean Ndayisaba i am undergraduated i need help to complete my bachelor degree !!


  101. I young lady who are ager to learn further .The moment I m doing ECD due to finincial probles I might not allowed to write exam

  102. I have MSC and know iam looking for ward to to continue PhD scholar in your capas please help me.

  103. I was asking for your support to assist me to get free grant so as I can go ahead on my studies.I want to get a diploma in nursing course through your help. I can even get that diploma in my own mother land country and that is Tanzania,but this is through your help. Thanks a lot and GOD bless you

  104. I Am Temitola from Nigeria I will be excited if only I could be offer an admission in your university to further my career

  105. I am Temabhele from Swaziland and I will be so grateful if I can be granted a scholarship to study in USA fashion and design.

  106. Please I don\’t want an online study but rather I want to come the US to study. Please how do I sign up.

  107. Hi :
    Sir I am Mairaj Chandio
    From Pakistan I want to study further now a days I completed my twelveth class (12) and I need a scholarship to continue my undergraduate study I really need a scholarship because my financial condition is not well I just want to study I USA to help my family

  108. Sir, I am Francis Chia Ngam form the English speaking part of Cameroon. I want to further my studies in Civil Engineering. I hold a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and I want to do a Master in Civil Engineering. I would prefer to study in Australia but I need a scholarship in order to do so. I shall appreciate any form of scholarship that shall enable me to achieve my dreams.

  109. Eu sou André Maietoculo, vivo em ANGOLA ( Africa ) estou interessado nesta bolsa, mas não tenho condições financeiras para pagar a bolsa. gostaria de fazer CIÊNCIAS CRIMINAIS E FORENSE.

  110. please, I need this scholarship to make my dream of becoming a graduate in public health..

  111. Im from Swaziland in Africa…I completed my school last year but now I\’m upgrading..I\’m asking for a scholarship to study abroad..

  112. Hello sir/madam am called Miriam a Ugandan I\’ve completed my advanced level course but not well and I want to become a lawyer I don\’t have the possibilities via tuition any help for a scholarship in canada

  113. Hello…Clara over here from Kenya I just finished my secondary studies and passed highly…I would like to study law…please help me get this schorlaship…I will do my best and come out with flying Colours

  114. Am Horsu Reagan from Ghana and I\’ve completed high school and passed well. And wanna read Business Administration. If you can provide to me a scholarship, it will be a great pleasure for me.

  115. my name is Angella Titus from Vanuatu, i live without parents i want to get a scholarship. but if you can give me a online scholarship because i cant move to other place for study coz i look after my little brothers and sisters. thank you and God bless

  116. my name is Pulumo Christopher Lesaoana from Lesotho. So I really need this scholarship to study Economics

  117. I an Erick Shoup from Uganda, i would wish to have my bachelor\’s degree in USA .So Please render me thé scholarship thanks so much

  118. Hi , I want scholarship to continue with my education in nursing because this is my dream but I don\’t have money that why I wish this opportunity to go further with my dream if I have get the scholarship. Thanks for your regard.

  119. my name is Hatibu Ramadhan Msindo am from Tanzania I need a scholarship so as I can take my degree in LLB

  120. pls I need scholarship to further my nursing course in the USA but not online studies, how should I go about it. Thanks

  121. Hi
    My name is phumlani mthombeni from mtubatuba. I really need a schoolarship so that i can study financial manangement

  122. yes my partner i need this for to study at université libre de Tunis please help me because my parents don\’t have money to support my high school and this opportunity will be all for me to get access at université libre de Tunis .plz contact me right now.

  123. Hello my name is Nyiratebuka Esperance I really need a scholarship to study in USA but not online studies thanks for you\’re sport

  124. I need your help if i ll receive a scholarship to continue my studies in Business studies not online Master.I am from Angola.Thank you.

  125. I am a Gambian my name is kebba ceesay I graduated from high school this year I want to further my education in computer science

  126. Amazina yanjye ni Dickson mwama amahirwe yokuza kwiga aho Atari online nkabona degree muri computer science murakoze

  127. Amazina yanjye ni Dickson mwama amahirwe yokuza kwiga aho Atari online nkabona degree muri computer science murakoze

  128. I\’m holding bachelor degree in library and information management.I\’m in need of full scholarship for masters.

  129. Hi!,I want to study Medicine , I studied until 5 year of Medical University but cut because of Financial problems.Can you help me to continue my study in Medical University?

  130. Bonjour je suis tutillaire d un master 1 en genie civil optoin BTP .j ai besoin d\’un bourse etude pour m acconpagnier dans la specialisation ou meme des stages de perfectionnement

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